The “MAHARSHI BHRIGU CENTRAL LIBRARY” is the main Library of JNCU established in 2016. It has been established with the vision to cater the need of the students, research scholars, and teachers of the University. It unfolds the horizon of knowledge in regard to the different research programmers and various subjects carried out by the university. We currently have around 5580 books, in various streams of Social Science and Humanities, Arts and Languages, Computer, Journalism, Science, Agriculture and Yoga. Library collection also includes documents in, Fictions, Stories, General books and Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, Magazines etc.

The Jananayak Chandrasekhar University, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, founded in 2016 under State University Act by the Government of UP, visualize and actualize the longing and aspiration of people of Ballia incorporating its adjoining areas to create educational environment with the vision to reach to the last person of the society. It envisions the resuscitation of the culture, social, national heritage of Ballia as well as India and has mellowed into an institution of educational fame and international importance. This University is run by Governing Body and fully financed by and under the guidance of the Department of higher Education, Ministry of Education and Government of Uttar Pradesh. The University conducts teaching and research up to doctoral level in Humanities, Social Science, Science including Agriculture and related subjects. To facilitate teaching, learning and research work, the University is building up a resourceful University library of national importance in the field of Humanities, Social Science, Science including Agriculture and related subjects.